on a friday/shindig demo lyrics

Saturday, September 02, 2006

'mr. b'

Millions of people
Staring like ghosts
Waiting for the entrance sign
Is it heaven or hell or whatever they call
The place of oblivion after the bomb drops
Death wears a big hat
And a thin red tie
And dances in front of all the cameras
Death has a satchel his buddies carry
And hidden inside is the key to the world

Here comes Mr. B, B to the night
Here comes Mr. B, B to the night

Somewhere in Palestine
A crazy ugly man
Wants to rule the world
So he buys himself a atom bomb
And he drops it on your head
You’ll know what he wants
Cause he won’t have a face to hold onto
To hold onto yeah

Repeat Chorus 2x

I don’t want to hear about this
I don’t want to know about your commissions
There’s nothing in this life that means as much as you and me
Life is so important
But all you talk about is bombs
Falling down the bloody drain that we don’t know about

Repeat Chorus

I don’t wanna die 4x


Blogger Gray said...

Isn't it "Mr. B29"? Perhaps after the B29 Superfortress?

11:51 AM  

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