on a friday/shindig demo lyrics

Saturday, September 02, 2006

'keep strong'

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey 4x
Everything that I’m telling
It’s all about your brothers
Everything that would listen
If we had a clue
Well that’s it
I’m stumbling back good
And I need it
If we do it
Then we’re giving into something far too strong
So keep strong
Keep it strong

Going deeper and deeper
Into the pressure
All I found near a mirror of you
And more
All I found near a mirror of you
And more
Keep you strong now

Everyone can’t be a million dead
Everyone could have a big bank
And call it a phone
God’s judged just as easily around his head
God’s justice lives all fat
But he doesn’t know friends at all
Keep it strong
Keep it strong
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey 5x

You wanna be a rich man
You got to be a bastard
But if you can’t be a bastard
You might as well sit in front of the your TV
Spend the rest of your life
A fucking zombie
Keep it strong 2x


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