on a friday/shindig demo lyrics

Saturday, September 02, 2006

'new generation'

Check it out....
Here comes the big bad bad wolf
He's gonna huff and puff
And blow you out
Sooner or later your going to kiss
The ground he walks
Open up, and let the good man in
Here comes the bad man
And with the luck of your balls
He might let kids in the door
And the killer comes down the layer
With 16 million craving cats

Welcome the new generation yeah
To call our addiction 2x

Amen thank God for
White mans kill the country
Steal our children I ask myself
I'd like to teach the world
Sing a brand new harmony
Skinny for nothings, spit them out
And burn them with a tree
I want to paint the world with coke
I think I may have to go

Repeat Chorus 2x

Smile for the camera boys and girls

Repeat Chorus 3x


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